1. For people who wonder how you miss the signs of being pregnant…

    Not every pregnancy is the same.

    Hormones and periods can be really weird, especially if you have already had a child or are breastfeeding. Just because you miss it doesn’t mean you are pregnant.

    The woman also could have been on birth control (which doesn’t always work if taken at wrong times or the woman takes antibiotics not realizing it messes with birth control) and shrugged crazy symptoms off to the medication.

  2. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a healthy woman not understand she was pregnant for more than a few months. They all seem to have one distinct thing in common…..they are so fat they could have a nearly grown baby inside their stomach and not be able to tell.

    And yes ladies….I understand there are a few exceptions. That doesn’t magically mean 98% of these stories don’t all have one fat hog in the middle of them.

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