1. What would be even better is to fill the box with that indelible paint they put in money suitcases, that way it’ll be pretty easy to identify the attempted thieves.

    Bastards stole a $200 box with a gift for my dad from my front door not a week ago.

  2. The interview with the inventory is hilarious…

    Q: The Washington Post did a story about your BlankBox and spoke to local police, who say what you’re doing might be illegal because you’re not supposed to assemble explosive devices and leave them on your porch, apparently.

    A: It’s not explosive; it’s a loud noise. Like a car alarm, or any other alarm, it’s just a noise to deter theft. I don’t see a difference between what I’m doing and a car alarm.

    Q: What if the intruder is carrying a firearm and decides they’re being fired at. They’re going to fire back? What happens then?

    A: I guess I would have to take that as it comes. Hopefully, I’m not home at the time. I doubt that will happen.

  3. If I built it, those stairs would drop him into a hole with a grinder. It would rinse his chewed up remains into the sewer, from there. Then reset, for the next thief.

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