1. I’m glad that my workplace has a pretty relaxed atmosphere and my boss is a good friend. One time he caught me browsing r/gonewild and instead of making a big deal about it we just jerked each other off in his office then never talked about it again.

  2. One time my boss caught me browsing /r/funny. I had an image open of a bunch of football players losing their minds because their friend flopped off of the high dive of a pool. [Here’s a link to it](https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/6phs2n/get_this_man_to_the_olympics/). I was at my desk in my cubicle, snorting into my bottle of water, and I hear him clear his throat behind me. I turn around, and I feel a weight drop into my stomach. I was caught.

    He looked like he was about to say something, but then the motion of the gif caught his eye, and he stared at it. Then he laughed. He told me to get back to work, and then he walked away, still laughing.

  3. You guys know the boss can easily check the search history of your office computer, right? Even in incognito mode – hell, that’s one of the warnings that incognito mode gives you.

  4. I passively watch/listen to Netflix shows at work. My manager encourages it. Something about side noise increasing productivity and trusting your employees with their time management…. but seriously, since we had change of management and more relaxed rules, productivity has gone way up.

  5. You DO know about alt+tab, right? Just keep the other tab open to work pages, and Bob’s your uncle. Thumb, ring finger, bam. Your Excel sheets and reports are clearly the only thing you’re focused on.

    Not that I would ever spend any time at the office doing personal things and surfing the web or anything. Ever.

    Or as we say, ‘It’s REALLY not that f*cking difficult, is it?’

  6. I have 3 Newfoundlands and my mama breeds. Only one drooler in my pack. I taught them to ” lick your lips” after they drink. It helps. Their undercoat doesn’t stay wet so when you bathe them you have to work quickly. The top coat stays wet for a while. Many families have to crate their newf when their kids play in the pool even not being taught to do so the natural instinct of a newf is to try and pull them out of the water. They are very very loving dogs, cute and fun. But keep in mind they are giant puppies until they are 2 to 3 years old. So you have to make sure you can handle a 110lb energetic puppy. Truly an amazing breed of dogs.

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