Voodoo Dick [Long]

a husband married a wife and the wife was the horny type, he had to satisfy her often. but when he had to go away on a business trip he found that his wife would most likely cheat on him. so he went to the nearest pawnshop and shared these details with them. they offered him a voodoo dick, the husband asked “why the fuck would you offer me this?”

the pawnsman just laughed and said “watch, just watch” he then proceeded to open the box , revealing a wooden dildo. he then muttered “voodoo dick, the door” the wooden dildo floated out of the box and proceeded to fuck the keyhole of the door so hard that the door split in half. the pawnsmen gave a second order “voodoo dick , return” the dildo promptly returned to its place in the box. amazed the husband paid and carried home his prize, he showed his wife the box and explained to her what it was, she did not believe him so he then opened the box and said “voodoo dick , pussy”. the dick floated up and started to fuck his wife, hes wife blown away was too busy enjoying herself to pay attention to the husband. satisfied with his achievement he drove to the airport to catch his flight.

after a few hours the wife realized that her husband had forgotten to tell her how to stop the dildo, so she thought up a plan to go to the hospital to have it removed.

as she drove down the highway , the dildo continued to ram her pussy determined to please its master. in doing so the wife began to swerve on the road, soon she heard sirens. as she pulled over the policeman asked her what the issue was, she promptly explained her dilemma.

the policeman responded ” that is the biggest pile of bullshit i have ever heard, haha, voodoo dick my asss”

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