1. As a man who works for a company named “Big Ass Fans” (the name changed to “Big Ass Solutions” but people know us by the old name) i fully understand the predicament. Its hard to go to a billion dollar company for a install and say “im here to do a install for Big Ass Solutions/Fans”

  2. Employer: So, Peter, where do you see yourself in five years?
    Peter [thinking]: Don’t say, “Doing your wife.” Don’t say, “Doing your wife.” Don’t say, “Doing your wife.”
    Peter: Doing your…[sees the employer’s family picture] son?

  3. Real life – there is a company who manufactures kitchen cabinet pulls called “Top Knobs”. I used to know a girl who left the company i was working for to work for top knobs. The hire was a good one for their brand.

  4. Was watching the lethal weapon series, one I grew up watching when I realized that 90% of Riggs behavior at work is stuff that would get you fired on the spot if you did it during today’s professional work environment.

  5. “Get your nuts off with Snap-On Tools!” is a real slogan. I don’t know if it’s around anymore, but it used to be proudly displayed on the sides of their company trucks.

  6. “I’ll just show you my business card as opposed to declaring the business verbally to avoid what you’ll soon find out could potentially be a hilarious misunderstanding”

  7. Bob Jones had a major head injury
    a few years back. From time to time he has to check his old business card to remind himself of who he is… of what he may be doing.

    And here you all are making fun of him.

  8. I’d show her my card. If she thinks I’m referring to her, then obviously she does it for attention and two, how self centered do you have to be to think I’m referring to you or your nice jugs. Ijs

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