The good doctor

A doctor is driving home along a lonely road when a rabbit suddenly bolted in front of his car. The doctor tried his best to stop, but it wasn’t possible.

He immediately pulled the car to the side and got out to see if he could help the poor bunny. It didn’t look good. He raced back to the car to retrieve his bag, but realized almost instantly that he was driving his wife’s car and so his bag would not be there.

He rooted through the glovebox, trying to find gauze or water – anything that could be useful. He found a bottle of what he expected was water and brought it back to where the bunny was laying. With great care, he poured a cap full and let the bunny drink.

To the doctor’s amazement, the rabbit sprang back to life – jumping up on his hinds and wiggling his tail. He smiled at the doctor and waved as he began to prance back toward the woods. He hopped a couple of feet, paused, turned and waved again. Another few feet and he turned and waved again. He reached the edge of the trees and again, he turned and waved at the doctor.

Stunned, the doctor brought the bottle up to the light to see what magic potion he had discovered. Squinting his eyes, he read the label aloud, “Hair restorer with permanent wave”.

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