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A man walks into a bar…

…he approaches the barman and asks for a whiskey and coke. “Take this apple.” “I don’t want an apple. I want a JD and coke.” “Trust me, try the apple.” The man takes a bite, and exclaims “Christ! This tastes like Jack Daniels!” “Yup. Turn it around.” “Wow!” He says after taking a bite from

A biker walks into a bar…

…and sits down on a bar stool near the end of the bar. He takes a look at the menu and it reads as follows: Hamburger – 2.99 Cheeseburger – 3.99 Chicken Sandwich – 4.99 Hand Jobs – 19.99 The crusty old biker waves the bartender down, and up walks this tall, busty, beautiful redhead

Another guy walks into a bar joke

A guy walks into a bar wearing a Browns jersey and carrying a cat that also has a Browns jersey on with a little Browns helmet on his head, too. The guy says to the bartender, “Can my cat and I watch the Browns game here? My TV at home is broke, and my cat