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An Israeli tourist on a visit to New York City hires a cab to drive him around the sights.

He engages the driver in small talk to get better acquainted. “Where are you from?” he asks. “I’m from Palestine” says the cab driver proudly, “and you?” “I’m from Narnia.” “Bullshit, that place doesn’t exist” says the cab driver. “Well, you started it” says the Israeli. View Reddit by wackoclown – View Source Please follow

American Tourist

An American tourist is visiting Poland by himself. One of the things he hopes to see there is the drinking capabilities of an average pole, in order to accomplish his task he walks into a bar and shouts while saving a $100 bill and a bottle of vodka “anyone that can drink this whole bottle

A tourist is travelling down the Rhine

He books himself into an old castle that has been converted into a hotel. Once he enters, he has the creepiest feeling come over him. He asked the lady a reception if they have ghosts in the hotel. She laughs and says, ” I have been here for 300 years and never seen one” View

A tourist walks into a bar.

He asks for an Irishman named Seamus. The bartender points to an old man in the back, staring out the window and nursing a pint. The tourist takes a seat next to Seamus. “Is it true, what they say about you?” He offers the old man a fresh pint. Seamus smiles at the man, then