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A woman patient in a hospital had been in a coma for a number of years. Each day a nurse gave her a bed bath. One day while washing her private parts she notices that the monitor shows an increase in heart rate.

The nurse tells a Doctor, He considers the results and calls her husband. When he arrives the Doctor suggests that oral sex may help. The husband agrees and they pull the curtain around the bed for privacy. 30 minutes later the monitor shows her heart and breathing has stopped, then she flatlines and is obviously

The Queen of England is taking a tour of an American hospital when she spots a patient furiously masturbating through an open door.

Her Majesty: “What’s going on here? This is absolutely appalling.” Nurse: “Actually, Your Highness, it’s for medicinal purposes. This patient has a very serious condition, and if he doesn’t orgasm at least once every eight hours, his testicles will swell and cause fatal clotting.” Her Majesty: “Fascinating. Very well, carry on.” All is well, until

The invisible patient.

Nurse: Doc, there’s a man in the waiting room who thinks he’s invisible. What should i tell him.? Doc: Tell him i can’t see him today!! View Reddit by beldict – View Source Please follow and like us: