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Two Newfies are flying a plane

Two Newfies were flying a plane and were getting ready to land. The pilot says to the co-pilot “Alright let’s get ready to land! Follow procedure and adjust the tail flaps!” The plane continues on it’s path towards the runway. The pilot notices that the runway looks a little short and says to the co-pilot

Brad Pitt, Donald Trump, an old man, and a young boy are flying on a plane that’s about crash but there are only 3 parachutes.

Brad Pitt, grabbing a parachute, says: “I’m sorry, guys. My kids need me, my fans need me, I’m outta here.” He jumps. Donald Trump says: “I’m sorry, too, but I’m going to be the smartest president to ever govern the United States.” He jumps. Finally, the old man says to the boy: “You know what?