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So this drunk guy stumbles up to a cop…

And says, “excuse me officer I lost my car” and the officer says, “well where did you see it last?” Guy: “it was right here on the end of my key” Officer: “Alright well head down to the station and they’ll set you up with the proper paperwork, but before you go, you might want

A drunk Minnesotan decides to go ice fishing

He starts sawing a hole in the ice, but just then a booming voice says, “You will find no fish there.” The drunk ignores it and continues sawing. The voice repeats, “You will find no fish under the ice.” The drunk looks up and says, “God, is that you?” The voice says, “No, I’m the

A man and wife see a drunk guy

“Ah, look at Patrick.” says the wife. “Who’s Patrick?” says the husband. “The drunk guy, you know, we were a couple 10 years ago and he proposed to me back then. But I rejected him.” “Good to see he’s still celebrating.” View Reddit by bladehider – View Source Please follow and like us: