1. A classmate of mine broke both of his legs and got in a serious accident where a car hydroplaned into his lane and hit him head on. He couldn’t walk for 2 months. He won the award for worst driver at our senior banquet.

  2. I was majorly depressed in high school, partly due to being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in my freshman year and my dad dying in my junior year.

    I got the award for “Biggest Whiner”

  3. This was quite some time ago, but they did something similar for us where they gave somewhat mean awards. Some of them were kind of funny and with students who could take it, but some of them seemed really mean-spirited and/or inappropriate for our old man principal to be giving out.

    One of them was legitimately something like the Dolly Parton award for a girl who had really big boobs. She was so embarrassed, cried in the bathroom afterward, and then ended up getting a lot of plastic surgery. Of course, it isn’t just that award that made it happen and she had body image issues as long as I knew her, but why one earth call that out in front of everyone??

    Another one was something like most likely to become an alcoholic and the kid had an alcoholic brother who had just nearly died from crashing his car in a DUI.

    If it was just friends being vicious with each other, fine, but this was the principal doing it in front of the entire graduating class.

    I feel like if my experiences happened now it would be huge news, but this was back in the 90s so it was locally a scandal, but nowhere else lol. He ended up losing his job soon after for unrelated reasons.

  4. In highschool, I started off at the top of my class and ended up barely graduating due to slipping into depression. There were rumors passed around about me that I was a heroin addict, due to my appearance apparently (people said I was pale/drawn like someone strung out) and my behavior at school (I was falling asleep all over the place, had stopped putting in effort in class, often skipped, barely spoke to others). So they gave me the award for Most Likely to be Arrested. It really made me feel worse. It was voted to me by my peers. I never said anything about it but the administration of the school decided it was inappropriate before it was published in the yearbook.

  5. obviously it’s just a joke. in high school, we had this really close knit class and there was this kid in it that almost never talks. there was a running joke about how quiet he was. one day he raised his hand to answer a trivia question then goes “i’m done for the day” and everyone broke out in laughter. i could really see a class like that giving that kid some kind of joke award about being quiet.

    the saddest thing ever is it was my freshmen year and i thought high school was going to be like that. turns out, i never got good teachers like that again, nor were my classmates as nice, nor did anyone give a fuck about anyone else in other classes.

  6. teacher gave out awards to people who did really good or other things in class, I seriously got one for being the most learning disable kid in her class. at the time I did not realize she was making fun of me.

  7. When a classmate asked for a copy of the project handout because they were not in class the previous day, my 6th grade home room teacher said: “Just take ajmaxwell’s copy, he won’t do it any way.”

    Some teachers just don’t understand how to deal with unmedicated ADHD kids. My 7th grade home room teacher showed me what it was like to have a teacher who not only understood, but cared.

  8. In third grade my teacher used to refer to me as “Slow-Mo O”. Because my ADHD made it difficult to complete tasks on time, and my last name begins with an O.

    It wasn’t endearing or anything. She was kind of a bitch.

  9. Life as an adult with ADHD can be hard. Relationships are strained. It can be hard to focus, time management, etc. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a playground. Medication literally saved my life. Meditation, cognitive therapy and diet can help. But for someone who is really struggling with ADHD and associated depression and anxiety medication can really help. Don’t look down on an option that can make such a major improvement in the ability to live a ‘normal’ life.

  10. This focuses on everybody’s opinion except the one who received the awared. Did they enjoy it or did they hate it? That is the most important part of this entire thing and it gave no information on it.

  11. Similarly, my 3rd grade teacher put quotes in the yearbook for each of us. She made mine “What are we supposed to be doing, again?”

    Really helped out with my low self esteem and constant crying at home about not being able to do anything right. I feel for that kid.

  12. Teacher here:

    To those saying, ‘it’s just a joke’,

    It doesn’t matter if you think it’s funny or not. The role of teachers and schools is to foster the development of the students. It matters if *the student* thinks its funny or not.

    Same goes for the, ‘but it’s true’ comments,

    It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. What matters is whether this will help the kid or hurt them.

    If the kid enjoys it, then yes, this can be funny and we can all have a good time. But if you’re not sure, this is wrong, especially considering other students may turn this into intentional, or unintentional bullying. There is far more risk here than reward.

  13. I know it is funny but as a kid who had ADHD and did not take anything… this hits too close to home and I remember how embarrassing it was. This is kind of mean.

  14. I have ADHD as well. I cannot stress it enough that people need to have more patience for individuals that have ADHD. We cannot help it. Getting bullied by students, teachers, hell even the principal. its rough. The people that gave the student trouble should be notified of her disability. Poor girl, I feel for her.

  15. I have autism and didn’t learn how to dress myself at a normal speed until I was like 11. One of my elementary school teachers wanted to encourage fast changing after PE class by publicly designating the slowest person the “sluggard of the week.” I was awarded “sluggard of the week” every single week **for a year**, and no one ever realised that maybe this was somewhat of a discouraging setup.

  16. Having a teacher make fun of you for your disability is devastating. It’s one thing getting it from all your peers, but from a teacher it’s something else entirely. Among other things, it provides tacit approval for everyone else to continue doing the same.

    High school is a terrible place.

  17. That’s nothing. My senior class voted someone as “Worst Driver”– the kid who won had run over and killed a pregnant woman prior to us voting. He was in prison when the award was read aloud.

  18. I’m not too huge on this, although I have ADHD so I dunno. I know it certainly would’ve made me feel terrible if I got something like this, heck, even as an adult I’d laugh but there’d still be that twinge of embarrassment.

    I can’t say I would’ve taken it as well as that student did, that’s for sure.

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