1. ‘Self resetting’ if you mean doing it yourself, I’m sure there are some terrible enough shots out there who take 10 rounds to get all the targets, then give up after 5 trying to reset it.

  2. We brought out the 20lb steel targets and tried our hand at shooting at them with .22. All we did was bounce shots off of them without much luck on knockdowns. We did spin them around though.

    Dad broke out his 7mm Rem Mag and sent the lot flying into the pond with a few well-placed shots.

  3. We were playing with one of these with some 10/22s. Then my brother loaded an SKS and we laughed at how inaccurate it was…until we realized he had FMJs loaded…and he was hitting it every time…and they just went straight through lol

  4. Since the gif is from the UK. It is actually probably used with a .22 or .177 air rifle. 12ft per lb max. Rather than live fire as automatically considered by replies.

  5. I have one of these. It looks fairly worse for wear.

    I don’t think I’ve managed to make it work once though. Always knock it over or the shaking causes it to reset before I get to the end.

    One day…

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