1. This s a defensive behaviour (they are 2 different species)

    Mantid courtship is more sedate and cautious (due to them being cannibals). Usually the female eats the male WITHOUT mating…the male knows better than to stick around after mating.

  2. Man I had a praying mantis that got through my window screen, so creepy in real life! I was able to get it in a cup and throw it off my porch- flew all the way down, got up on its hind legs and ran into the grass.

  3. MantisBro #1: If I don’t get laid tonight Im going to die.
    MantisBro #2: Dude if you do your going to die
    MantisBro #1: Do you see that one, she is checking me out.
    MantisBro #2: Whoa dude look at her legs she is a man eater.
    MantisBro #1: I know, I bet she swallows.
    MantisBro #2: That slut!!
    MantisBro #1: I’ll see yay bro
    MantisBro #2: Nice knowing you bro.

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