No more a Virgin

The family is at the dining table.
The little 10-year-old girl does not eat and has her nose in her plate….

After a few moments, she says, “I’ve something to tell you people”

Silence around the table.
“I’m no longer virgin”, and she begins to cry. A long silence again.

And then…
The father screams at his wife,
“It’s your fault!
Always dressed and made up like a whore!
Do you think you are setting a good example for your daughter?
Wallowing the whole day on the sofa, exposing your pussy…
it’s disgusting!
That’s how problems arrive”

The wife, in turn yells at her husband:
“What about you ?
Are YOU setting a good example ?
Wasting your salary on sluts who sometimes even accompany you to your doorstep!
Are YOU setting a good example for your 10-year-old daughter?”

The father continues”
“And her elder sister, this good-for-nothing,
With her hairy junkie of a boyfriend,
Who is always groping her in all the corners of the house,
Do you believe she is setting a good example for her younger sister?”

And the recriminations go on, and on, and on….

The grandmother touches the shoulder of the little granddaughter to console her
And asks her :
“Well, my little girl, how did it happen?”

And the little girl replies while stifling her sobs :
“it’s the priest”

The grandmother asks :
“What do you mean, the priest ?”

“The priest has chosen another girl to be Virgin Mary in the Christmas play…

” I’m no longer playing the role of Virgin Mary ”

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