1. This actually happened to me recently. single guy, 32, no social life. pizza joint in town hadnt heard from me in a month or so; sent me a 30% off coupon saying they missed me. felt good but very saddening at the same time.

  2. Years of ingesting Hungry Howie’s pizza causes deadly stomach infection. Guilt-ridden Hungry Howie’s employees visit customer in hospital to give him Hungry Howie’s gift card hours before his death.

  3. The Guy living in Holland, Michigan. Had even a dutch surname, glad hè didn’t have to die on the floor of his house all alone. It also happens here too often… That het may go to pizza heaven.

  4. I worked at Hungry Howies here in Louisiana. The local franchise guy between my city and Baton Rouge is a raging prick. I’ve never met someone so disrespectful and rude. The Corporate guys who came to the grand opening were some of the nicest people I had ever met.

  5. “From my understanding he had grown some infection in his stomach” uhm is anybody going to talk about how he ate at this place for years and then dies from a stomach thing? stay away from that three cheeser pleaser with butter cheese crust. just saying

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