1. This post has really changed my evening!!! I was having a sucky day and just got in, clicked on Reddit and once I saw this all I could do was cry laughing!!! This is great!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Hilarious.
    As a current student at a UC, this is every teacher and TA in the class during exams all at once, going up and down stairs trying to navigate a room full of 600 students.

  3. A lot of teachers like to stand right behind me. I don’t know if I’m shady looking or what but this always makes me unwarrantedly nervous. It’s always a big one of many distractions I think about during tests

  4. I’ve invigilated a fair few exams in my time here, and in the teacher’s defence it is the most mind numbing thing to do. You think it’s bad being in a exam? at least you have something to read.

    You’re not allowed to do anything that takes your attention away from the room, no reading, no knitting no playing hangman with a likeness of Scott Wilby who you never liked and is now sat with his head on his desk in the back row either asleep or sobbing, whichever, meh.

    But you smuggle a DS in and forget to turn the volume down when you start Lego Star Wars, then it gets exciting for a bit.

  5. In college they sit down and ignore the class or even leave to hang out in their office. They might leave a grad student to watch, but even that is not usual.

  6. When I was in the 7th grade(more than 40 years ago) we had a math teacher who on the days he was giving us a test would wear these old tennis shoes which allowed him to glide on the floor in the back while we were taking said test

    He also wore this giant metal ring which he would turn the biggest part toward his palm so if he noticed someone trying to cheat off another kid’s paper he would silently slide right behind the person and rap the guy on the crown of his head with this ring

    I’m told it hurt like a SOB

  7. I had a teacher in highschool who, when giving tests, rearranged the desks in a donut shape with all the backs towards the center and he would sit in an office chair in the middle.

    He was a brilliant man. Had no business teaching 10th grade math.

  8. I cheated on most tests as they were nothing more than memorization of useless facts (US Education). I was never caught, but one time came damn near close.

    Spanish test, (4 years of Spanish, I don’t speak Spanish I had B’s and A’s) I have a tiny paper that’s a bit smaller than 1×1 inches hidden in the palm of my hand.

    Teacher suddenly yells my name, my heart explodes and I shit my pants. The entire class looks up and freezes. I quickly close my hand and with my ring finger ball up the paper against my palm and toss it on the floor discretely. Teacher walks up to me and tells me to stand up and show him my hands. I comply and show him empty hands. He makes me turn out my pockets. Nada. He looks confused and backs off. My heart is racing but I just got away with murder so I sit down grinning and acting confused. Later my mates called me a legend for getting away with it. lol

    Ironically now that I’m older I realized I love learning, I research and read up anything I don’t know that interests me. US Education system is shit, nothing but a babysitting factory that churns out brainless, obedient workers c:

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