Costco Has the Best Doctor

Guy 1: “My elbow has been hurting I think I need to go see a specialist.”

Guy 2: “Don’t see a specialist that’ll cost you too much money, there is a machine in the back of Costco that reads your urine and tells you what’s wrong with you for only $10.”

Guy 1: Pees in a jar and takes it to Costco:

Costco Urine Machine: “Well it seems that you’ve got tennis elbow. Buy some ice packs in isle 3 and apply after exercising and get some anti-inflammatory in aisle 7.”

Guy 1: “This couldn’t possibly be right.” He goes home that night very puzzled and comes up with a plan to beat the machine. He mixes in a jar some tap water from the sink, some poop from his dog, a urine sample from his wife, hair from his daughter, and some semen he produced himself. “This has to do the trick,” he thought so he rushed to the Costco and enters his sample.

Costco Urine Machine: Your tap water is too hard, get some water softener aisle 6.

Your dog has ring worm, get some disinfectant wash aisle 20.

Your daughter has a nasty coke habit, check her into rehab.

Your wife is pregnant, with twins, they’re not yours get a lawyer.

And if you don’t stop jerking off your tennis elbow is never gonna get better!

Credit: Jimmy’s dad Dad joke

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