1. Fun fact: a lot of old games would actually just use sprites to make things look spherical. If you have the chance, fire up Mario 64 and get a close look at the Bob-Ombs in the first level: no spheres, just a single flat circle that always faces the camera.

  2. Anyone remember the old fashioned 7 1/2 watt Christmas tree bulbs? The colors were amazing. No LED light can duplicate those colors. I feel sorry for people that will never again see that kind of tree. We have searched Amazon unsuccessfully for replacements. I guess they’re gone forever.

  3. Not really that funny or accurate. You can see that (in the 3D world) the model on the left would be clearly faceted, as if intentionally. Smoothing groups have existed in 3D forever, so that even on low poly objects they can appear more smooth than they are. A stylized “low poly” game, however, intentionally avoids these in order to create a hard faceted look like in the image. The problem is, those highly stylized games are more modern than anything else, meaning the one on the left could just as easily be from a game in 2017 as it would be an intentionally faceted style.

    In fact, the one on the right, if imagined as polygons, would be of a much higher polygon count than would be used even in games today, so it would either be from a game in the future or not for a game at all (like for a pre-rendered CG movie or something).

    In other words, OP is 100% wrong and stupid to boot.

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