Cheating husband dies and makes it to the pearly gates.

St Peter looks at him and says “You were unfaithful to your wife 28 times. Don’t worry, you’ll be accepted in — only you won’t get a brand new car like those who were more loyal in their marriage”

Confused the man asks “I get a car though?”

St Peter replies “Of course. Everyone needs a car in heaven to get around. Only you’ll be receiving a beat up old Ford Pinto ”

Meanwhile the man sees a couple of his old friends receiving their cars.

The first guy had one minor affair during a rough patch in his marriage and was given a nice Toyota Camry. The second guy is granted a brand new Lamborghini for never even thinking about another woman other than his wife.

All of a sudden, inside heaven, the man with the Ford Pinto starts crying. Concerned, his two friends check on him to ask him why he’s so sad.

He points to his wife who is riding around on a pair of roller skates.

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