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A roman soldier walks into a bar

A roman soldier walks into a bar and asks for a *martinus*. “You mean *martini*?”, asks the bartender. The roman soldier answers “If I wanted two, I would have told you!” View Reddit by WHAT_RE_YOUR_DREAMS – View Source Please follow and like us:

Horrible joke

So a guy is in a bar when the woman across from him sneezes and her glass eye flies out. The man catches it and hands it back to the woman. The woman says “thanks” and then offers to buy him a drink. The woman then offers to drive him home. On the way to

Is she a virgin?

Paddy was planning to get Married and asked his Doctor how he could tell if his Bride is a Virgin. The Doctor said, “Well, you need Three things from a Do-It-Yourself Shop. A Can of Red Paint, a Can of Blue Paint… and a Shovel. Paddy asked, “And what do I do with these, Doc?”

Every cook has a secret

The Admiral was visiting one of his ships. When having tea he noticed that every biscuit has the ship’s insignia embossed on it. He is impressed and calls the cook to ask him how he does this. Cook: When rolling the biscuits I slap each one onto my belt buckle before putting them in the