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Irishman steps up on Mastermind, the quiz show. His chosen topic: the Irish Rebellion, 1916.

– **Quizmaster**: ‘Your first question: who read the *Proclamation of Independence* from the steps of the GPO?’ – **Contestant**: ‘Pass’ – **Quizmaster**: ‘OK. Second question: name the Irish rebel leader born in Scotland.’ – **Contestant**: ‘Pass’ – **Quizmaster**: ‘Question three: which *Countess* was an important leader in the rebellion?’ – **Contestant**: ‘Pass’ Suddenly, his friend

A tourist walks into a bar.

He asks for an Irishman named Seamus. The bartender points to an old man in the back, staring out the window and nursing a pint. The tourist takes a seat next to Seamus. “Is it true, what they say about you?” He offers the old man a fresh pint. Seamus smiles at the man, then