1. For people who want to know what he actually said:

    In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer said: “I think music has gotten very girly.

    “And there are some good things about that, but hip-hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment – and that’s not good.”

    He added that one of his sons, Elijah, “believes that a rock and roll revolution is around the corner”.

    And the singer said he agreed with his son that the genre “will return”.

  2. >In 2016, Glamour named him “Man of the Year”, breaking the 26-year tradition that saw the “Woman of the Year” accolade reserved only for women.

    What’s more girly than that????

  3. There are probably more artists recording rock and metal now than ever, in the era of YouTube celebrities and home studios. Maybe what he means is that it isn’t “popular,” as measured by what gets spammed and marketed nationwide by multi-billion-dollar machines.

  4. I think Bono isn’t aware that there’s thousands and thousands of different bands out there that people are listening to. Just because they’re not getting major radio airplay, doesn’t mean they’re not popular. Radio is to Spotify what television is to Netflix. I don’t consume media content on either anymore because I don’t want to have 30% of time consumed by worthless ads, or moronic DJs/anchors.

  5. As a once-fanatical, now-casual (and frequently ashamed) U2 fan: there is *nothing* cringier than Bono trying to be “rock ‘n roll”, especially on a post-2000’s U2 record.

    Elevation. Vertigo. Get On Your Boots. Volcano (“YOU! ARE! ROCK AND ROLL!”). American Soul (“YOU ***AND I*** ARE! ROCK AND ROLL!”)

    Ditch the creepy-ass half-whispered/half-shouted, Zeppelin-minus-balls token “rocker” tracks and focus on what needs to be improved. Like, I dunno, consistently dumping the shittiest, most forgettable songs of your careers on the second half of LITERALLY EVERY ALBUM YOU PUT OUT.

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