Author: hamster

A man walks into a doctor’s office

“What brings you in today?” asks the doctor. “I’m here for the rabies shot….” says the customer. “Well sir I’m going to tell you up front I am not going to argue anymore just get out and tell him I’m not lowering the damn price!” the doc said angrily. “Sir I got bit by a

Where do you COME from…..

Two guys meet… -” Hi, nice to meet you” -” Hi, I am Jerks” -” Hi Jerks, what a nice name, where do you come from” -The guy hesitates but he answers ” What a question, from my di*k of course” -He clarifies ” I didn’t mean cum with a u, I meant come with

Two Italians are sitting in the NYC subway

One says to the other, “first Emma comes, then I come, then two asses come together, then I come again, then two asses again, then I peepee, and finally I come for the last time.” An old lady looks aghast at the two men and admonished them, “you’re in the subway! Behave appropriately!” So the