An engineer had a sign in front of his clinic that said, “Medical consultation for only $50. If I can’t make you better, I will pay you $100.”

A doctor, knowing he can stump the engineer and wanting to get some cash, goes straight to the engineer. “Hey,” he says. “I lost my sense of taste. I can’t taste any food anymore.”

The engineer takes a small bottle from his drawer, told the doctor to take his tongue out, and put 15 drops of the liquid to the doctor’s tongue. The doctor gasps. “What the hell? Why did you put gasoline on my tongue?”

“Ah, great!” The engineer exclaimed. “You have regained your sense of taste. You can pay $50 to the cashier at the front.”

Annoyed, the doctor goes home, but he returns to the engineer a few days later to get his money back. “I’ve gotten amnesia. I’ve lost my memories.”

The engineer again takes a small bottle from his drawer. “Hold on,” the doctor said, pulling back. “That’s gasoline!”

The engineer smiled smugly. “Oh, seems like you have your memory back! You can pay $50 to the cashier at the front.”

The doctor went home angrier than before, but he wanted to stump the engineer still. He went back to the clinic a few weeks later, confident he will get his money back. “Hey, I think I’m losing my eyesight. It’s been getting real blurry and I can’t read as much as I want to anymore.”

The engineer sighed. “Oh wow, I’m terribly sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I’m afraid I don’t have the medicine for what you have, but here, you can take this $100.”

The doctor took the bill in his hand. “But wait! This is only $50!”

“Perfect!” The engineer exclaimed. “You have got your vision back. You can pay $50 to the cashier at the front.”

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