An American sailor walks up to a urinal and starts peeing…

… A few seconds later, a fellow Irish sailor goes to the urinal next to him and starts peeing. The American’s eyes start to wander, and he can’t help but look down at the Irish man’s penis and notice a “W” and “Y” tattooed down there. “I’m really sorry that I looked over,” says the American, “but i have to ask. Why do you have a ‘WY’ tatooed on your penis?” “You got me,” responds the Irish sailor. “Me girl back home is named Wendy, and the tattoo says ‘Wendy’ when fully erect.” The American nods and goes on his way.

A few days later, the American again walks up to a urinal and starts peeing. A few seconds later, a Nigerian sailor goes to the urinal next to him and starts peeing as well. Again, the American’s eyes wander and, surprisingly, he sees the same “WY” tattoo on the Nigerian’s penis. Shocked and confused, the American says “Look I know this sounds weird, but do you have a girl named Wendy back home waiting for you?” “No,” the Nigerian responds, “I just really miss my home country so I got a tattoo that says ‘Welcome to Nigeria, we hope you have a wonderful day’ when fully erect.”

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  1. I’d like to report this joke for being inaccurate. If this really happened, the Irish sailor or the Nigerian sailor definitely would have punched the American for looking down there.

  2. A civilian and a Marine are relieving themselves at the urinal.

    The civilian goes to wash his hands, while the Marine makes for the door without washing.

    Disgusted, the civilian calls out, “My mother taught me to wash my hands after I use the restroom!”

    Without turning back, the Marine replies, “The Marine Corps taught me not to piss on mine!”

  3. Non racist version. Guy goes to get an exam. Dr does the cough test. Runs out of the exam room, and tells the nurse you gotta see this, the patient has the word tiny tattooed on his penis. Nurse come out of the exam room 20 minutes later, flushed cheeks, hair disheveled, dress half off. She said Dr it doesn’t say tiny it has his hometown Ticonderoga NY!

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