American Tourist

An American tourist is visiting Poland by himself. One of the things he hopes to see there is the drinking capabilities of an average pole, in order to accomplish his task he walks into a bar and shouts while saving a $100 bill and a bottle of vodka “anyone that can drink this whole bottle of vodka will receive this bill”. The bar falls silent and only mumbling and whispering can be heard. The bar then returns to it’s normal noise level, however one thing is a weird. A young male just walked out of the bar and then returned a minute later. He then approaches the American and says “Okay friend. I do it.” He grabs the bottle off the table and downs it like it’s nothing. The American is astonished he can’t believe what just happened. He hands the Polish man the $100 and says “That was amazing!!! I can’t believe it, but I have a question, why did you walk out of the bar when I proposed the bet?” The Polish man then replies “I had to see if I could do it so I tried outside.”

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