1. A couple of months ago I was pulled over by the police for a random alcohol breath test.

    The office asked if I had consumed alcohol recently and I replied no – I hadn’t.

    I was asked to count to 10 into their device and it registered a warning for alcohol. The officer looked at me like, yep, got a live one here.

    I asked if the isopropyl alcohol I had been spraying to fix an IT issue about an hour earlier could have set off the warning, and the officer said yes. Most likely from getting onto my clothes and creating the reading.

    The second more accurate test of blowing into the tube registered 0 alcohol in my breath.

  2. The next rage for frat parties will be the humidifier that simply sprays a mist of your favorite adult beverages directly into the air. It will save on the cost of red Solo cups and protect the environment at the same time.

  3. >[Police] say eight people locked themselves in a bathroom while another person jumped out of a second story window in an effort to avoid officers.

    I’m guessing that bathroom was where the air had a measurable level of alcohol. Stuff eight drunk people with elevated heart rates in a little room and this is what you get.

    I’m just curious why/how the cops tested the air. Don’t you have to blow air through most breathalyzers?

  4. I’ve traveled around a lot around the world but the only time in my life where I’ve seen the police arresting people at a party was in the US. I had to spend a night in a cell and i had to plead guilty at a tribunal and pay a fine. Elsewhere in the world if you’re too noisy the police comes and tells you to turn down the music, they don’t arrest people for attending a loud party.

  5. This is silly. The ratio of breath alcohol % to blood alcohol % is about 1:2100. So if the breathalyzer registered the air at .1% BAC then the air was about .00005% alcohol or .5 parts per million. That doesn’t seem like much to me, it could have just been evaporated from spilled drinks. It doesn’t have to have come from people’s breath (almost definitely didn’t).

  6. This happened at our house Junior year of college. Police kicked in the doors and corralled everyone they could. They tried doing breathalyzers in our main living room but the readings kept hitting 3 & 4 times the legal limit so they had to move everyone outside. Good times.

  7. I have a great idea. Let’s classify people as adults at 18 but make alcohol illegal until 21. Also, let’s send all 18 year olds out of the house for the first time in their lives to something called college.

    Then let’s arrest them when they drink alcohol.

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