1. Its weird that car manufacturers let this happen. My car can not be locked when the keys are inside.. this has saved me more often than i like to admit.

  2. That is similar to the time I pulled up next to a tow truck from an infamous towing company here in town and he was towing one of their trucks. I rolled down the window and asked did he park in the wrong spot on campus. He promptly gave me the bird.

  3. How do you lock your keys in your car? Seems quite hard to do. If you have an old car you need the key to lock the door. And new cars have sensors that detect the key and don’t lock automatically.

  4. My kid locked the keys in my car one time. Locksmith guy came out and said “Oh fuck not this car, these are a bitch”. After an hour of tinkering and muttered curses he finally got the door open then *slammed it shut in triumph* catching the locking button as he did so.

    “Oh fuck this, I’m just walking away now…”

    He disappeared for about 10 minutes before coming back, 30 minutes of more cursing later he got the door open again and we retrieved the keys. He took his payment and left in a real hurry.

    Suffice to say, the next time we needed a locksmith we called that guy. So, apparently 2000s Hyundai Elentras are really tricky to open if you ever happen to own one. The next lockout was my SIL’s HHR and he got that one open in seconds.

  5. What is the purpose of AAA if they need another AAA to get keys out? Wouldn’t the first one be able to get their own keys back just like they came to help do that for the caller

  6. I work for one of the larger AAA groups in the United States. I’m desperately trying to find out which driver this is so that I can send him a cake with this picture printed on it.

  7. Called AAA to open a locked car (of a friend). Operator came with a piece of metal, which he slid in the window and opened the door, I believe, FASTER than if my friend had used the key. Same item should work on his car.

  8. My dad’s a paramedic and often takes home a work truck full of medical equipment. We usually average 3 to 5 calls a day so we figured we’d have time to work on the home we were building. It was in the woods in a pretty rural town and we had to park off the road. I5 was spring and the snow was just melting, making the ground pretty saturated. Well, we got our Tahoe stuck in the mud, and that is a really bad problem when you have patients waiting for their paramedic.

    We called a AAA tow truck, a fairly small one, and he showed up pretty fast due to the circumstances. He backed up, got our truck hitched, aaaaand taking off his tires just spun deep into the mud.

    He had to call another, much bigger daddy tow truck to chain-pull babby tow truck and our Tahoe all at once.

    In the end we got out fine and no patients died or anything. I could only imagine what would happen if the big truck got stuck too though

  9. I know the feeling, I have had my tow truck towed a few times. Never called AAA though, just called my coworkers. Worst one was when I was 200 miles away from my shop and broke down. Damn AAA plus cards, had to wait hours for my guy to get there, makes for a long day.

  10. This is one great reason to get OnStar. I’ve needed it only once, but I had a bag full of groceries withering and melting in the hot sun, so I was very happy that I could make a quick phone call and get my door unlocked in seconds by satellite.

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