A woman home alone gets a knock on the door at midday…

She opens the door to a man who says “Do you have a vagina?”
Outraged she slams the door.
The next day, again around noon there is a knock on the door. The same man is there and asks again “Do you have a vagina?”
“Pervert” she utters as she slams the door again.
Later that day she tells her hubby what has happened and he is furious.
He calls his boss for a day off the following day and says to his wife “Tomorrow I’ll stay home and if this guy knocks again I’ll hide behind the door and you say ‘yes’ because I want to see where he’s going with this.”
Sure enough the next day the guy is back knocking the door. The woman opens the door and the man asks “Do you have a vagina?”
The woman says” Yes, why?”
He says “Well can you ask your husband to use it and leave my wifes alone!”

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