A woman goes to a pet shop…

To buy a pet to make up for her husband ignoring her for sports. Shopkeep suggests a parrot named Crunchy.

She asked “Why Crunchy?”

He says because Crunchy has a special ability. He puts Crunchy in his cage on the counter and opens the cage and says “Crunchy, the cage”.

I’m seconds Crunchy has completely destroyed the cage. The woman is ecstatic and throws all her money on the counter and leaves with Crunchy.

She gets home and she thinks, first thing my husband will do when he gets back turn on the game. She takes Crunchy to the living room and says “Crunchy, the TV”. And Crunchy destroys the TV.

Next she thinks. He’s going to listen to the game on the radio! “Crunchy, the radio!” And boom! The radio is gone.

Last she knows that he’s going to go online to get the scores. “Crunchy, the computer!” And no more computer.

That night her husband comes home to watch the game. He sees the TV and screams “what the hell? What happened to the tube?” Wife says “Crunchy did it.”

He goes to turn on the radio and sees it in pieces and screams “what the hell! What happened to the radio?
Wife says “Crunchy did it!”

Last he goes to his computers and sees it blown apart. “What the hell? What happened to the computer?” Wife “Crunchy did it!”

Husband “Yeah well, Crunchy my ass”

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