1. I love main chicken. The other two are all skittish, but he’s just gonna stare that water pipe down. Ain’t no water in here today good sir!

    E: I feel like I totally fucked that up. Are those female turkeys? E2: Yeah not female turkeys, I looked it up. I don’t know my poultry very well.

  2. If anyone is curious why this happens it’s because all chickens have a weird obsession over the color red. As a side affect (effect which ever one) if a chicken has blood on its back, head, etc other chickens around them will continuously peck at that spot and will do so for a very long time, usually harming (or even killing, depending on where the blood is) the chicken. To fight this, there is a purple disinfectant spray that sprays on like purple spray paint and its purpose is to mask the red blood to keep other chickens from pecking the bloody one.

    Source: owned a *real* free range egg farm with over 300 chickens for 11 years.

  3. I don’t know why, but whenever I see chickens with a prominent comb (the red thing on the top of their heads), I’m reminded of the penguin who pretends to be a chicken by putting a red rubber glove on top of his head in Wallace and Gromit.

  4. In German *der Hahn* can mean cockerel or tap/faucet/valve, just as in English ‘cock’ is an old term for the same things: rooster/cockerel and stop-cock, ballcock, petcock etc.

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