A Man Walks Into the Neigbourhood Bar

He goes in and orders a drink for himself. He notices an attractive lady sitting by herself a couple tables away. Too attractive for someone of his own league, he thinks to himself.

Halfway through too many drinks though, he ends up plucking up enough courage and approaches her. “May I sit down”, he asks.

“Sure”, she responds, and they start chatting. Apparently she was as witty and good in conversation as she was attractive, and you know this is no blonde joke. Casual chat turns into drunken flirtation. It gets late and the lady asks if he would like to walk her home.

He does, and they head back to her place. They didn’t waste a single moment once they were in and started going ferociously and passionately tearing each others’ clothes off. She stopped him halfway and said “I have a strange request, but I promise to make it worth your while.”

“You have to fuck me only with your big toe”

Now that indeed was a strange request, but the man was by now horny as a teenager without wifi and anyway what’s there to lose? He agreed.

And make it worth his while she did. Hands down she pleasured him in ways he never imagined and he went home a happy man.

Later that week he goes for a medical checkup with his doctor at the usual clinic. The doctor does his usual mmms and uhuhs and finally hesitates and goes “well that’s unusual”.

“What? Don’t leave me in suspense, Doc!”

“You have Syphilis on your big toe.” said the doctor. “but don’t worry, nothing we can’t treat with antibiotics”

*No wonder* the lady made me fuck her with my big toe, thought the man. That’s pretty decent of her actually. “Damn right that’s strange”, laughed the man, “I bet that’s the weirdest thing you’ve come across in a while”.

“Second weirdest actually,” said the doctor, “just yesterday, a lady came in with Athletes vagina”.

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