A man walks into a bar

A man walks into a bar after a long day at the office. On his way in, he sees a man sitting there wearing extravagant clothes, with the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. As he approaches the bar he notices the man has an extremely small head, which is made worse due to the disproportionatly large scale of his body.

The two start chatting and the muscular gentleman notices that the other man keeps eyeing his comical cranium, so he opens up.

“By now I’m guessing you’ve noticed the difference between my tiny skull and huge body…”

“No… I hadn’t realized until you said something,” replied the first man sheepishly.

“Let me tell you a story. About five years ago, I was on a trip to the Middle East and came across a magic lamp. Upon inspecting the lamp, the most beautiful genie you can image appeared and granted me three wishes. For my first wish I asked for 50 million dollars… with the snap of a finger a full truckload of money appeared before me! For my second wish I asked to have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Another snap of the finger and voila! I’m jacked without stepping foot in a gym once in my life.”

“What was your third wish?” asked the first man.

“Well, to be brutally honest I had been a broke, fat slob my whole life prior to getting my first two wishes. I saw how gorgeous the genie was and asked her to sleep with me, but she told me that this would be impossible as genies don’t have genitals. So I said, ‘How ‘bout a little head?’”

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