A man is handing out Halloween treats when…

… he hears a small knock at the door. Opening it, he finds a child dressed as a thief. “Here you go, two pieces of candy! Take it and go!” The man laughs.

Moments later, another knock at the door. Opening it, the home owner finds a child dressed as a clown. “Hmm.” The man looks the kid up and down. “Not funny, but here’s one piece of candy for trying.”

A short time passes, another knock. He finds a child dressed as Donald Trump. The man SLAMS the door in the child’s face without so much as a word.

Not even five seconds have passed when there’s a series of loud, angry knocks on the door. This time, there’s an angry adult on the other side.

“I was walking my own son through the neighborhood and saw you slam the door on that poor little boy! Just because of how he was dressed? Buddy, you and I have a problem.”

“Listen,” the home owner replied, “He’s been here three times, and didn’t even change the costume.”

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