1. May god accept jeffrey into his kingdom in death, as he was in life.

    Wearing full graduation attire at all times.

    *points to 3rd nestled photo*

    Here he is after his 3rd child, at the ripe age of 53. Samantha, justin the 4th, and jeffrey jr loved him so much (he was jeffrey the 3rd, children still confused regarding naming arrangement)

    *points to 7th image in the recursive picture tunnel*

    And *heeeere* we have jeffrey when he first thought of this idea, 50 years ago. What a wonderful pre-emptive kindness for someone winging his eulogy. Very considerate man.

  2. I should’ve done this because I weirdly had graduation robes for kindergarten and 8th grade graduations so I could’ve carried it through all 5 of my graduation pics. None of my robes were black though and I’m still mad about it.

  3. For those of you that don’t get it and since everyone knows the funniest jokes are those that you have to explain; I am holding a graduation picture of me holding a graduation picture in my graduation picture. I guess you could say the joke is that I went through five years of college and paid all that tuition money just so I could do this.

  4. Oh. I thought the first one was 6th grade graduation, then high school, then college. You look way to close in the first two, but very different in the third one.

    Plus it’s too dark to tell if you’re wearing the cap. Sixth grade graduation often doesn’t have have the cap.

  5. Canada, where you need 2 degrees to do anything meaning full.

    The country where your cashier is actually a doctor, but can’t practice and has an education worth more then all your assets.

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