A guy is speeding and gets pulled over by a cop…

The cop asks him his name and he replies, “Fred.”
The cop then asks him his last name.
Fred says he doesn’t have a last name.
The cop replies, “How do you not have a last name?”
Fred says, “I lost it.”
The cop says, “How did you lose your last name?”

Fred replies, “Well, when I was younger, I used to be a doctor and I was known as Fred Johnson M.D.

Then I got bored with being a doctor and decided to become a dentist. Then I was know as Fred Johnson M.D. DDS.

While I was a dentist, I had an affair with my secretary and she gave me an STD. Then I was known as Fred Johnson M.D. DDS with an STD.

After awhile, the ADA found out I had an STD and took my DDS away from me. Then I was known as Fred Johnson M. D. with an STD.

Eventually, the AMA found out that the ADA took my DDS away, and took my M.D. away.
Then I was known as Fred Johnson with an STD.

Soon after, the STD took away my Johnson, and now I’m just Fred.

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