3 blondes die and go to heaven…

3 blondes die and go to heaven. Before they can pass through the pearly white gates, they must climb 100 steps, and each step has a old man with a joke. If they laugh, they get sent to hell. They get onto the first step, and the old man tells the joke. The first blonde laughs, and is sent to hell. They move on, and get to the half-way point, where the old man tells another joke. The second blonde laughs and is sent to hell. The final blonde continues up the stairs. Finally, she has to survive one more joke and then she can pass into heaven, but before he can tell the joke, she bursts out laughing. “What’s funny? I haven’t said anything yet!” Exclaimed the old man. The blonde wipes a tear from her eye. “No, but I just got the first one!”

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